Book your free ticket to our Apple WWDC party (featuring 🍕 + 🍺)

Do you like to see what cool new things iOS, watchOS, tvOS and OS X apps will be able to do this year? Are you interested in Apple’s language Swift and its progress? Wondering what features will come to the iPad Pro? If so you should come to Cluster on June 13th to see the Apple WWDC keynote announcement as it is broadcast live from San Francisco.

Cluster is growing!

Cluster is growing!

We’ve had an amazing first year or so at Cluster, with a wide range of professionals using the space. We’ve made new friends with whome we built new products and businesses; Stroud’s new arts magazine Good On Paper was launched, two iPhone apps were released, a new family winery brand established and myriad other collaborations between our residents.

We are now planning to expand. Our current location is great as Stroud office space goes, but we’ve simply run out of space for what we want to achieve with Cluster. We have some possible locations in mind and we wanted you to hear about this first. 

Changes to our tariff

We have made slight changes to our tariff. The meeting option in the lounge is out, replaced with a simple "day in the lounge" for £12 per person.

A change to pricing for ongoing monthly residents now means that the 10% discount can be obtained by paying a one month advance, rather than a full three month pre-payment.

Wireless speakers in the office

Music is very important to us at Cluster, but so is the value of low-level ambient noise in an office where people may not know each other so well, or feel conscious about making phone calls. We want the office to feel vibrant. Times when you need to knuckle down, you can put headphones on.