Interview: Adam Hinks, Graphic Designer

In this series of posts we talk to residents and members of the co-working studio to find out about their work and how they ended up here. You can find more interviews here

Cluster: What do you do?

Adam: I'm a multi-disciplined freelance graphic designer, illustrator and digital designer. I help my clients to improve their brand by using well thought out design and creative marketing concepts. I also run Good On Paper and Earwig magazine with Alex Hobbis as well as co-own Cluster with Marc.

Cluster: How long have you been doing it?

Adam: I've been a qualified designer for 15 years.

Cluster: What does your day-to-day work involve?

Adam: Fortunately I get a lot of variation in my work (which helps as i'm a bit of a magpie) - one day I could be helping a start-up to develop a new brand and identity and the next day, i'm working on a designing screen prints for t-shirts. My beloved tool set is always pencil and paper! My 27 inch retina iMac, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop come out when i need to polish an idea for production although i'm starting to work more with Sketch for web/app design. I use Basecamp for a lot of my project management but i'm a bit old school for the most part and rely on text, calls and email.

Cluster: Tell us why you use a co-working space

Adam: I've tried bouncing ideas off myself in my lonely cabin in the garden - it doesn't work. Cluster works well for me because all of the people who use the space are involved in a creative job, be that writing, design, development, illustration, PR etc. It gives me a wide soundboard for feedback on my ideas and design. Also it open opportunities for creating new products/businesses. Good on Paper was created through The Exchange in Brickrow where I met Marc and Alex.

Cluster: Where did you work before Cluster?

Adam I used to work from a lovely cabin at the bottom of my garden surrounded by my guitars and amps.

Cluster: Tell us something have you learned since working at Cluster

Adam: For all of the pro's of being self employed/working from home, it's much healthier to separate the home and workplace.

Cluster: What have you found challenging about being self-employed/working remotely?

Adam: For me it's always doing the boring stuff - accounts, billing and general admin.

Cluster: Do you have any advice for people starting out self-employed or working out of the office?

Adam: Find a co-working space that works for you. Be open and honest about things you're unsure about because there is always someone willing to advise that has been through it too, and they won't judge you for not having the knowledge.

Cluster: How can people find your work online?

Adam: My personal work is available to view at I'm co-own Good On Paper which you can pick up around Stroud or visit our site at My istagram is full of day-today stuff Insta: @adam_hinks and my twitter is dead at Twitter: @adam_hinks