Interview: Sophie Bradshaw, Editor & Writer

In this series of posts we talk to residents and members of the co-working studio to find out about their work and how they ended up here. You can find more interviews here

Cluster: What do you do?

Sophie: I'm a writing coach, ghostwriter and developmental editor. I work with authors all over the world who want to write a book but don't know where to start, or who have begun a manuscript but need some professional feedback and support. I offer one-to-one coaching, book planning and concept development, structural editing and even indexing. I also edit GoWrite!, an online writing magazine for content creators and bloggers.

Cluster: How long have you been doing it?

Sophie: I've been self-employed for nearly a year and a half, but I've worked in publishing for 15 years, first as an editor and then as a senior trade non-fiction publisher.

Cluster: What does your day-to-day work involve?

Sophie: We're pretty old-school in publishing! I edit in good old-fashioned Microsoft Word, but I use Zoom a lot for coaching calls.

Cluster: Tell us why you use a co-working space

Sophie: When I left my senior publishing job I went straight from a busy office to working from home, so I knew I would need some human interaction. I also wanted to mix with other creatives and build a network of contacts.

Cluster: Where did you work before Cluster?

Sophie: When I'm not at Cluster I'm usually out and about meeting authors or speaking to them on Zoom. Cluster is great when I need to get my head down on an editing job.

Cluster: Tell us something have you learned since working at Cluster

Sophie: That working in an environment with other creatives allows me to bounce ideas off people and develop new areas of my business.

Cluster: What have you found challenging about being self-employed/working remotely?

Sophie: I no longer have a team of people around me, so any decisions have to be mine. The flow of work is more erratic and I've had to get used to the 'feast and famine' aspect of being self-employed. I also know I should be better at outsourcing tasks I don't enjoy.

Cluster: Do you have any advice for people starting out self-employed or working out of the office?

Sophie: Focus on doing an exceptional job and don't stress over business plans and targets too much. No business plan survives first contact with a customer! Set time aside to be creative as that is investing in yourself as well as your business. And if you hate doing something, don't do it.

Cluster: How can people find your work online?

Sophie: "My website is I’m @publishing_workshop on Instagram and @publishingworkshop on Facebook. You can also find the magazine @gowritemagazine on Instagram and the same on Facebook, or subscribe for free here.