Interview: Jon Lee, Translator

In this series of posts we talk to residents and members of the co-working studio to find out about their work and how they ended up here. You can find more interviews here

Cluster: What do you do?

Jon: I work as a freelance translator, translating mainly patents from Japanese into English.

Cluster: How long have you been doing it?

Jon: I started this kind of translation work in 2010, and I went freelance in 2013.

Cluster: What does your day-to-day work involve?

Jon: Emailing clients (usually in other countries and time zones), prepping source files in Word or Sublime Text, doing the actual translation work in OmegaT, updating glossaries and translation archives (usually simple TXT and TMX files), and doing some accounting in ClearBooks at the end of the month.

Cluster: Tell us why you use a co-working space

Jon: Basically to actually get some work done. I have a very young daughter at home, and although she is wonderful, she does tend to be a bit of a distraction. It's also good to spend some time with people who don't think its funny to throw food at me.

Cluster: Where did you work before Cluster?

Jon: I used to work at home all of the time, but I now work roughly every other day at Cluster. This gives me a bit of variety, something that seems to help me keep my spirits up and stay motivated.

Cluster: Tell us something have you learned since working at Cluster

Jon: There are some good people out there who like good music :)

Cluster: What have you found challenging about being self-employed/working remotely?

Jon: It's hard to stay motivated when working for yourself from home. It can become quite isolated and dull at times. Being with other people in a co-working space gives me a much needed change of scenery, and with this I tend to get things done much quicker than if I were at home all the time.

Cluster: Do you have any advice for people starting out self-employed or working out of the office?

Jon: Don't forget to turn off, jump up and down a bit, get some fresh air, that sort of stuff. It's so easy to underestimate how important this can be when working for yourself.

Cluster: How can people find your work online?

Jon: People can't find me online. This is intentional in an attempt to spend less time online and more time outside jumping up and down.