Interview: Jo Bohling, Marketing Consultant

In this series of posts we talk to residents and members of the co-working studio to find out about their work and how they ended up here. You can find more interviews here

Cluster: What do you do?

Jo: I put together marketing collaborations and create fashion brands for Influencers

Cluster: How long have you been doing it?

Jo: 23 years in total but I've been responsible for my self since 2009.

Cluster: What does your day-to-day work involve?

Jo: Every day is different but it's mainly about coming up with ideas, selling in concepts and managing the client relationships. As a result, I rely on Keynote for presentations Sage for accounting and Shopify for customer websites.

Cluster: Tell us why you use a co-working space

Jo: I spend half my days in London or abroad so I needed somewhere with flexibility as no two weeks are the same. I have a young family so working from home is not realistic.

Cluster: Where did you work before Cluster?

Jo: I lived in London and used membership clubs day to day. When I first moved out this way, I worked in coffee shops. I'm part-time in Cluster and my other days are mainly spent in London, although the set-up also means I can do drop off and pick up at school as well.

Cluster: Tell us something have you learned since working at Cluster

Jo: I have learned that I can get a lot more done in an office where I'm not working directly with anyone. Distractions (and I'm easily distracted) are minimal but the chats are available when you want or need them.

I've also learned to broaden my music tastes and become an Earl Grey snob.

Cluster: What have you found challenging about being self-employed/working remotely?

Jo: The challenge for being self-employed is always the financials. Chasing monies that are owed and having monies available for tax. As for working remotely, I'm totally reliant on my iPhone/MacBook but without them, none of this would have been possible for me.

Cluster: Do you have any advice for people starting out self-employed or working out of the office?

Jo: If you're starting out as being self-employed, save a small nest egg beforehand. Like building work, everything takes a bit longer and costs a bit more than you imagine. My typical project is 3 months from concept to payment so you need funds to help in the interim.

Cluster: How can people find your work online?