Help us make an entrance!

Our co-working studio is in a lovely old Mill building. Once you get to the top of the building you meet our chunky black monolith fire door.

Cluster Door Stickers 1.gif

We’ve decided that we want to spruce up this main entrance, and what better way to do that for a design-centric co-working space than to cover it in cool stickers? As you can see we've made a start.

Yes, we want your great logotypes and designs to cover our entire door! We’ll add a link from this post to your site for every unique sticker you send us that makes it onto the door(☝🏼). Share your lovely designs with us and we'll post photos of the door over time as we update it.

Please send your stickers and the name and web address you'd like us to link to, to the following address:

Studio 1
Hallidays Mill
United Kingdom

Stickers added to date


☝🏼: Yeah we’re not stupid — if you send us a sticker of your wedding tackle or Dell logos they are not making it on there sorry!

We'll update this photo with our progress