Connect with other digital professionals in the Gloucestershire area

For a year or so we’ve been running a Slack called “Intersect” for people like designers, developers, digital marketers and copy writers to connect with each other, share ideas and inspiration and help each other. Slack is a free simple “chat” app where you can exchange links and files based on topic.

We currently have 45 members from diverse fields in the Stroud area, but we want to expand to foster more sharing of knowledge and ideas. In the Slack you'll find people looking for local freelancers, sharing great designs they've worked on, or raving about some amazing new code or the cool 1970s NASA brand guidelines.

So if you work in a digital creative field in Cirencester, Cheltenham, Tetbury or other areas around Stroud in Gloucestershire and want to become part of the community just add yourself to the Slack here:

We recommend using the Slack desktop and mobile apps rather than the web interface. Once you’re in, introduce yourself in the #general channel and tell us what you do.