Milestones and new co-workers

It is hard to believe we’ve already been in our new studio a month. Things are coming together nicely and everybody seems very happy with the new place. You might have seen the mention we got in Stroud News and Journal piece on co-working the other week.

Cluster also had its second birthday this week. Good On Paper magazine, started at our co-working space by Adam and Alex, also just celebrated its first anniversary with issue #13 available in the usual outlets around Stroud now. To cap it all our robot hoover decided to give up on life the other week… only to be resurrected a few days later by Marc earning his robot maintenance badge by opening it up and giving it some TLC.

This past month we’ve been joined by several delightful new co-workers working in diverse areas; Mela who restores ancient textiles (including Egyptian mummies!), Java developer Neil, Saranna who creates hand-drawn custom type, Nick who does digital marketing for NGOs, podcast producer Jane and infrequent visitor turned resident, Scala obsessive Richard.

We have more people starting this month but it's great we still have room for more drop-in members and full or part-time residents.

Get in touch if you want to come and have a look around.