Cluster is growing!

We’ve had an amazing first year or so at Cluster, with a wide range of professionals using the space. We’ve made new friends with whom we built new products and businesses; Stroud’s new arts magazine Good On Paper was launched, two iPhone apps were released, a new family winery brand established and myriad other collaborations between our residents.

We are now planning to expand. Our current location is great as Stroud office space goes, but we’ve simply run out of space for what we want to achieve with Cluster. We have some possible locations in mind and we wanted you to hear about this first.

Getting bigger means we’ll be able to fit more lovely and creative people into a generous space that is a little less “intimate” — in the right way. We’re looking at something in the region of 12 to 18 desks in a bright open plan studio. We’d have a lounge area and the standard benefits residents enjoy right now (you know we switched to RAVE coffee roasted Cirencester?), but with even more sharing of ideas and knowledge and a wider variety of people. This would also give us the flexibility to have shared part-time desks for people who want to get out of the house one or two days a week but can’t commit to full monthly rental.

We are looking for a few early-birds who would like to rent one of our desks part or full time in a new larger Cluster at a discounted rate. Why? We need a few more committed people to be able to break even on a bigger place as the expansion is a big risk for us.

So, if you would be interested in coming to Cluster when we expand (early-bird or not) please let us know now. Please spread the word about this — we know there are lot of people out there working at home who would like to get out a bit more!

What about our current location? It is possible we may move to a new location within the next few months. If we did this, our existing location of ~800sq.ft self-contained good quality office space (close to central Stroud with fibre and 2 parking spaces) would need a new tenant. It’s a steal in terms of rent and quality, perfect for a small business with 6-12 people. Places like this are gold-dust around Stroud so if you know of anybody who is interested get them to contact us

Finally, if you know of any interesting spaces that are up for let around Stroud please do let us know. A lot of property never hits the commercial lettings sites and getting the right kind of place is very challenging around here!