We're in

This week has just flown by. We plan to have a few alpha testers in some time next week, and then once the external doors are replaced at the end of the week/start of the next week, we should then be able to take bookings.

We started the week by finally signing the lease with the landlord and starting to move in proper. Our phone line was installed along with the temporary ADSL connection. This was a pivotal moment, as it means we have been able to work in the office while we finish decorating. We now have first hand knowledge that the various kitchen appliances work. Apart from the new toaster which lasted about 5 toasting cycles and has already died.

Taking down the hideous strip-lighting was satisfying, and after sustaining a minor electric shock we decided to get an electrician in. Now we have our new lights the feel of the place has been transformed.

On the same day that the ADSL went in, we were then able to order the upgrade to fibre, and we now have an install date of 11th April. This is a major relief, as it confirms that BT gave us the right cabinet for our line and we should have 70-80Mbps down and 20Mbps or so up. Should be plenty for the maximum of 6-8 people we will have.

In addition, this week we got the two sofas in, the hot water boiler was pronounced dead and replaced, we put some lovely prints up on the walls, and we've been decorating the kitchen. Oh, and the delicious smelling James Gourmet coffee arrived.

It really is starting to feel like a nice place to be, let alone work. Still, another trip to IKEA is required... damn that desk leg that will not tighten up. The Great Mug Decision is to be made Monday hopefully, after both of us decided that nothing IKEA sell is good enough.

Thanks again for your interest in Cluster. You may have seen we have posters up in a few places around town. If you can think of a good place to put one please let us know. Also, we now have a Twitter account @stroudcluster that you can follow.