Paint all the things white

When are we opening?

Well, the plan was to open in the first week of April but BT can’t provide the fibre broadband on day one - they can’t install a line and provide fibre simultaneously. So we will be ordering fibre on April 2nd once our phone line is in, and we will hopefully be switched to fibre by the second or third week of April. Until then we’ll be limping along on slow ADSL, and may only take a couple of “early adopters” to get things going until the fibre is in.

We are also waiting for the landlord to replace a couple of doors, one of which will be disruptive to the office. We hope that work will be completed in the first week of April, but this is beyond our control.

Come April 1st we will move out of our home offices into the Cluster premises to enable us to finish preparing.

The good news is that now we have assembled some of the furniture it looks like we are definitely going to be able to host six desks comfortably, perhaps seven. Two of those will be occupied by us.

Furthermore, the decorating is almost done, with a little help from our child labourers.

Expect another update in the first week of April.