Gathering digital professionals around Stroud


Make local connections

We're on a mission to bring together digital professionals in the Stroud area. Sharing ideas and learning from each other is vital to keeping our work fresh and interesting. Talent abounds in our valleys and villages, but unlike a city there aren't many places or events where we can meet.

Here's what you can do to start making connections with other people working in similar fields.


Use the Intersect Slack for chat and assistance

Slack is a great app for chatting online. It's free and easy to use, with good desktop and mobile apps. We already have over 70 members .


Come to events

How will you find out about events? Well you can join the Slack or join the Cluster mailing list or join the Meetup group (see below).

Currently Cluster puts on two or three free events per year for Apple keynote announcement livestreams that include our lovely local brewery's ale and locally made vegan Indian food.

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If you have an event you'd like to put together, let us know so we can help promote it.


Join the Intersect Meetup group

We have a Meetup group with over 130 members. This is typically just used for notifying people about events, and you are able to post your own events there also.