Cluster is a co-working space designed to help creative freelancers and home-workers get work done but also have a place to socialize and share ideas and expertise.


The Birth

We first met after being introduced by a mutual friend. Marc was looking for a designer to help bring his music app idea to life and Adam was pretty impressed that Marc had a few albums on his iPod by 'Oceansize' so they set about working together on 'Soundproof' - a music app for playing along to tunes.

As we laboured over the details of retina iconography and velocity transitions we got to chatting about creating a slick but affordable place to work for all the local designers, illustrators, coders, product makers, copywriters, producers etc. that reside in Stroud. Out of this, Cluster was born. Oh, and Marc had major spinal surgery where they nearly cut off his head!


Cluster 1.0

The original workspace was a small but perfectly usable space next to Eagle Mill Carpets on London Road. This was pitched as the 'tester space' to see if there was a real interest in co-working from our local peers. We opened our doors on the 1st April 2014 (yes, april fools day - which explains one of our prints in the studio). It was a bleak day, not many people turned up and we felt pretty deflated. A few weeks on and people started to notice us and come to try it. It worked! At least on a low level. Within a year we were totally full with a waiting list. The search began.


Cluster 2.0

We had been looking for a space such as the one we now have for over a year. We almost gave up, there just didn't seem to be a large characterful, open plan, light and airy space unless you had 'Costa Coffee' type money to spend. We did not.

However, we kept on and Marc stumbled upon a place in Chalford, we went to view it and knew within seconds that we would be taking this one. The next day the deposit was down and we were busy planning for months. Now we're open and very happy with what we've created.